Von Helden und Gestalten

from good to awesome

We believe that every company deserves to deploy its full brand power. So it's always been our goal to create true heroes out of "good" brands and people.


Courage is the mindset of strong brands

If you're looking for a new direction, you've come to the right place. That's our promise. We inspire, challenge, surprise... And we prefer to go one step too far. We want to leap into the future instead of remaining stuck in yesterday. "We've always done it this way". That's the phrase that triggers us most.   From there we kick off our journey into unexplored territory.

The power of emotion

Love, trust, security, joy, community, strength.... What story does your brand tell? What feelings does it evoke? What signals are you sending out? We are telling the stories of tech brands, rational subjects, and performance-oriented companies, because there is so much potential to build connections between people and brands in these areas.

Complexity needs clarity

We tackle complex and challenging tasks on a daily basis. Our strength lies in making complexity as simple and easy as possible. At the beginning of every project we create a clear strategy. That's what brands need in this complex world - structure, focus, transparency and clarity. And that's how we lay the foundation for outstanding and emotional creation.

From Start-Up to Big-Dax

We are driven to build up brands or develop already successful brands further. We are interested in fascinating topics, promising new products and undiscovered innovations.
That's why large corporations, market leaders and hidden champions entrust us with challenging global tasks. And we help exciting start-ups and local heroes develop their brands and unleash their undiscovered potential.

Outstanding creation wins

Our ambition is to design communication that's ahead of its time.
Our work has always been characterized by a strong design signature. This gives our clients uniqueness in branding and gives their communication the power to prevail over the competition. We want to establish tangible brand personalities and an exceptional brand experience. Through outstanding creation and extraordinary ideas.

We are Digital Creatives

Our team is made up of digital pioneers. We grew up with digital media and we love it. We understand its strengths and weaknesses and know how to use them specifically for our customers. Our focus is not only on performance, but also on combining it with creativity and meaning. For a new surprising digital proximity.

"New Work" works

Agility rules.  We won’t be victims of our own systems. Of course work needs structure. And you need flexibility. We offer both. We've already been working agilely for years. And we utilise co-creation, wherever it makes sense.

Safety meets ease

We create big ideas AND turn them into reality. Collaborating with us not only offers security, but above all, a lot of lightness. Because it's much easier to communicate with a feeling of inspiration.

On the side of good

It matters to us who we work for. We love to support those who are dedicated themselves to achieving something special out of conviction. Such as two clients who are very close to our hearts: STELP and Caritas, with their "Mach dich Stark" initiative, which we have supported from the very start.

Always the challenger

Aggressive. Progressive. Creative. We are always on the attack. We want to break with the norm. To go a step too far. But first and foremost, we want to challenge ourselves. No matter where we going - we are always moving forward.

team leads

we take you to the next level

Christian Kitter (Creative Director Design & Concept), Katharina Ghafoor-Zadeh (Teamlead Project Management), Verena Mayer (Managing Director, Founder), Markus Milkereit (Technical Director), Mirco Wüstholz (Managing Director, Founder), Nico Döring (Digital Director), Wolfgang Seebaß-Jones (Creative Director Strategy)


  • Founded in 2010
  • Founders: Verena Mayer and Mirco Wüstholz
  • Locations: Stuttgart and Novi Sad
  • Home of currently 65 talents
  • Digitally focused brand agency
  • Sparring partner of local heroes, hidden champions and global players


  • Conceptual partner of CARITAS for the initiative against child poverty since 2014. In this context, development of the umbrella brand MACH DICH STARK - the initiative for children in the southwest - and all communication measures.
  • Kommunikativer Geburtshelfer von STELP e.V. supporter on site – der zivilen Hilfsorganisation aus Stuttgart. Unterstützung von STELP beim Markenaufbau und bei sämtlichen Maßnahmen und Events zur Spendengenerierung wie z.B. der Benefizgala oder der Casino-Night. Bis heute Partner und Umsetzer der Kommunikation.


  • Member of the WIN Charter for Sustainability of the State of Baden-Württemberg
  • 100% green electricity
  • Corporate customer of Share-Now
  • Jobrad e-bike leasing provider
  • Perfectly connected to the public transport system (Feuersee stop)
  • 95% of all employees come to work by bus and train