career @ VHUG

Always upfront. Never uptight.

You just feel it. Usually from the very first day. At VON HELDEN UND GESTALTEN you're not just there to work. But to dare to try something new. So jump right in. Become part of the team. Develop yourself and move us forward.

join the team

in a nutshell

Really awesome people

Ask anyone you want. They all agree on one thing: we have the coolest team. Empathy and team spirit are not just buzzwords for us, they are part of our DNA.

We trust you

As a team member, you take responsibility for your work right from day one. Be courageous and make your mark. Use the freedom we offer to create something amazing.

No Assholes

It's very important to us that we appreciate others and treat each other with respect. That applies to our team and our customers. That's why we only work for, and with, good people.

At home or by the lake

Today from home, tomorrow from our office next to the Feuersee - or vice versa. We work wherever it suits us and where we can do our best work. We offer flexitime or sabbaticals too.

Let us celebrate you

Whenever you solve a challenging problem, you shouldn't forget to celebrate. And we never do. Our team stands for solidarity, appreciation and community. And we strengthen these qualities by celebrating our successes together!

Driven by courage

Ideas first. We dare to break new ground. We love novelty and disruption. Go wild. Because we are obsessed with daring creation.

No dog-eat-dog world

Authoritarian leadership is out. Empowerment and working together is in. We show our appreciation for each other and treat everyone fairly, always providing support where we can. No one-man armies or creative divas here.

People with many talents

Unique characters, individuals and special talents. Whatever is inside you, here you can bring it to the table and develop it in your work. We help you to make the most of your existing talents and to discover new ones.

Our very own spirit

The hardest thing to put into words is the atmosphere that reigns in our agency. Cosmopolitan, urban, stylish, human, inspiring, surprising, progressive, understanding, revolutionary, appreciative... simply VON HELDEN UND GESTALTEN.

No trash!

Quality creation, not unimaginative design or bloodless advertising. We have high standards for ourselves, our work, and for everything that VON HELDEN UND GESTALTEN creates.

Innovative projects

Our clients don't just want to take the next step, they want to make real progress - to reach the next level. Fulfilling their trust in us and their expectations is what drives us every day.