Emotional Power

And why we should return to the fact that we communicate with people.
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Why in the digital space emotion will outstrip information in the long run.

The internet is both a curse and a blessing. If we want to know something or are looking for a product or service, we always find something. But with the flood of information, it is difficult to make a decision and find the best offer for oneself. Here, Google naturally sets the bar very high, because only those who are listed on the first or second page as a result seem to have relevance.

The search engine ranking is of course easier to influence and is often only a question of placement and budget. But what if one's own offer competes with many others in all the facts and spatial proximity loses importance as an argument? This is exactly the big challenge in the digital age. How do you stand out as a brand in the digital noise?

It feels like brands and offers are becoming more and more alike. The boundaries are blurring in terms of price, quality and performance. In the food sector, suppliers undercut each other on price, in the smartphone sector they outbid each other. So how do customers ultimately decide when there are only marginal differences? From the gut.

That's why it's important not to always go all-out for sales in communication and divide everything soberly into channels, consumers, clusters, etc. It's more important than ever not to underbid providers in the smartphone segment. It is more important than ever not to strengthen business-to-consumer or business-to-business communication, but human-to-human communication. In other words, to put more energy into the communication itself and not just in the outreach.

In the end, there is always a person on the other side who makes a decision and not just a key figure or data conglomerate. So we should also take into account that we don't just want to develop communication for algorithms and reach, but want to entertain people and arouse emotions that convey a good feeling.

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