Silver at the Employer Brand Award 2023

55 years of AMG - Changing the Game
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Vienna, March 15, 2023 - Mercedes-AMG wins silver at the Employer Brand Award 2023 in collaboration with Von Helden und Gestalten in the category "HR Marketing & Recruiting" for the 360° social media campaign "55 Years of AMG - Changing the Game".

Using a content system developed in-house, the campaign turns every Mercedes-AMG employee into a brand ambassador and a permanent part of the campaign with personalized employee photos. And that is something to be proud of: With 100s of photos in the social feeds - and the award at the Employer Brand Award 2023. Because what was special about the campaign was the publication of the content: the pictures taken were not played out centrally via the Mercedes-AMG account on social media, but shared directly via the private networks of the employees. On the one hand, this made it possible to express one's own pride in being part of the fastest family in the world in a format-filling way - and at the same time to generate extraordinary reach and attention for Mercedes-AMG as an employer on the LinkedIn platform.

The award as Best Employer Brand 2023 is a great honor and great approval for us and our work. With Von Helden und Gestalten, we are delighted to have a partner at our side who accompanies us on our journey with such innovative and courageous ideas - and that we at Mercedes-AMG never tire of "changin' the game" even after 55 years.

Milena von Schwerin, Employer Branding and HR Marketing at Mercedes-AMG:

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