VHUG announces new customer triple

Dinkelacker-Schwabenbräu, TK Elevator sas well as Auer Packaging
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Von Helden und Gestalten (VHUG) is on a roll: At the beginning of 2023, the Stuttgart-based agency reported on the new client Knauf Bauprodukte. Now the team supporting co-founders Verena Mayer and Mirco Wüstholz has secured three more accounts.


Three accounts for Von Helden und Gestalten

On one hand, VHUG is active for the traditional company Dinkelacker-Schwaben Bräu. The goal is to develop an attention-grabbing rebranding. The brand is to be modernized with an innovative campaign idea including social media activities, in order to be more attractive for new target groups. In connection with this, the product design will also receive a refresher. VHUG won the contract with one pitch.

On the other hand, packaging specialist Auer Packaging hired the VHUG team. The budget includes the development of social media channels Instagram and Pinterest. In addition, a D2C-Strategy is to be developed for the online store of the lifestyle brand Robert Auer, a subsidiary of Auer Packaging. A chemistry meeting was held before commissioning.  

In addition TK Elevator, the former elevator division of Thyssenkrupp, is relying on the brand experts. The team is already working on a product launch campaign and a sales offensive of a new highlight product. Among other things, a major online marketing campaign is planned to promote it.

"We are very pleased that three well-known brands have placed their trust in us. We scored points with all three of them with customized ideas. And we are looking forward to further cooperation."

Verena Mayer
Founder & Managing Director

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