No compromises. Maximum performance.

Multimedia product launch for Fischer DuoLine


Everyone knows them: The fischer brand anchors have positioned themselves as competent all-rounders on the market over decades. The latest addition is the fischer DuoXpand: Red Dot Winner 2022 and German Design Award Winner 2023. For the product launch, we are presenting a marketing campaign that has so much potential that the idea and concept will be transferred to the entire product range of the fischer DuoLine series. For an uncompromising communication strategy.



Roll the film: "Release the lion".

Even more biting, even stronger, even more dominant, even gentler: the fischer brand advances to become the lion among dowels. The 3D film conversion shows a futuristic look in the black studio thanks to the polygon background. With contrast and finesse, the lion is ahead in any terrain: No compromises. Maximum performance.

The lion family of fischer DuoLine.

The DuoXpand, together with the DuoPower, the DuoTec, the DuoBlade and the DuoSeal, wins on all building materials. The king of the beasts is more than just an analogy for the most important product features - it ties in with the brand core. Thus, under the motto #lionpower, key visuals, product film and format adaptations for loud social media assets are created.

With VHUG's expertise, we set up a targeted, multichannel campaign, which allowed us to significantly increase awareness and sales of our DuoLine products worldwide. We are still amazed at how such a detailed and realistic lion could be created in such a short time.

Judith Fischer
International Marketing, fischerwerke GmbH & Co. KG A COMPANY OF THE FISCHER GROUP OF COMPANIES
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