From employees to brand fans

ODEC – On Demand Employer Campaign


Our targeted Employer Brand Campaign not only puts your own brand in the spotlight, but also your employees. How? It's simple: with ODEC - our On Demand Employer Campaign. In our full-service solution, we combine customizable employee portraits, a consistent brand message and directly available social media assets to create a coherent and individual campaign. That's how we turn employees into brand fans.

Our Role

  • Cooperation with Michael Colella
  • Employer Branding
  • Social Media
  • Web & Mobile Solutions

Employees are a company's business card. It's time to show them off.

Today, almost all employees are represented on LinkedIn, Xing and the like. And not only when they have contact with customers or service providers. The way employees are portrayed on these networks therefore has a direct impact on how a company is perceived. And that's where ODEC comes in: with personalized employee portraits, the overall image of your company can be significantly influenced - from team charts on the homepage to employee profiles in the digital business world. It's not just images that are developed, but also brand messages that your employees transfer to their images through customizable statements. This way, we generate a targeted employer brand campaign of a different kind, practically at the push of a button.

Profile pictures for your employees. Profile sharpening for your company.

Thanks to live rendering, employees can preview what their images will look like during the shoot. With the help of the preview, they can select their favorite photos, which are then waiting for them a short time later - already professionally edited and retouched - in a secure online environment. The web platform is tailored precisely to the company's needs and provides employees with an intuitive user experience that allows them to customize their images in the blink of an eye using predefined statements and graphic elements: Banners, profile pictures and stories are already created in the appropriate format sizes and, once downloaded, are directly available for sharing on internal channels and private accounts on LinkedIn and the like.

From "One" to "Mine" to "Our".

What is special about this type of employer brand campaign is the freedom employees have to personalize each photo individually. Through co-design, they are actively involved in the process and can create their own messages from the curated pre-selection with which they really identify. Each photo thus becomes a very personal contribution to the overall image of the company for the employees - and they themselves feel much more connected to the brand.

An appreciation of the special kind.

You can always tell the difference between a quick selfie and a high-quality portrait. And when you arrive on a professional set, are the center of attention, and are given a quick makeover, everyone feels a bit like a Hollywood star. This not only creates a strong, appreciative feeling among your employees, but also lots of potential for identification with your company. And professional photos that people are proud to show to the world - even on their own private channels.

AMG, STELP. And soon your brand too?

We at Von Helden und Gestalten offer you a new kind of employer brand campaign with ODEC. We accompany you from the initial idea, through customized looks and tailored messages, to the fully organized photo shoot. So that finally, with our specially developed software solution, all images find their way intuitively and "ready to post" to your employees and their social channels - and your employees become true brand fans.

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