A project close to the heart for over 7 years

Since the foundation of STELP e. V. more than 7 years ago, the design agency Von Helden und Gestalten has been a strong partner at STELP's side. When STELP needs a new logo, a cool branding for their big charity fundraising gala or even a new online presence that does justice to the cool aid organisation - the heroes make it happen. And they don't charge a cent for it.

„I cannot change the world, but I can change many small worlds.”

Serkan Eren

Executive 1st Chairman | Founder of the Association

We are proud to announce that this year's STELP e. V. fundraising gala in the Cannstatt Kursaal raised over 500,000 euros. A sum that flows 100% into STELP's aid projects. And thus to hungry people, children who want to go to school, families suffering from war and many more. Everything on this evening was done voluntarily or donated in the form of products and services.

Supporters on the ground, need supporters by their side. This is exactly why Von Helden und Gestalten are always at the side of the Stuttgart aid organisation STELP. And have been since the day it was founded. Because STELP is different. Closer, more transparent, always in the thick of things. STELP goes where it is needed, finds new creative ways to help people. That's exactly what convinced us.

The idea of founding an aid organisation matured in Serkan Eren's head in 2015 with the "Balkan Route Stuttgart". That year, he collected three tonnes of donations in kind for the people on the Macedonian border in a very short time.

One year later, STELP was born and with it the beginning of our partnership. We are happy to support these heroes with all our creative power: A strong corporate design, unique in the NGO world, emotional films, communication measures for fundraising galas , benefit concerts, exciting presentations, social media actions, design of the STELP wine, the appearance of the Social Café Natan and last but not least - the new website:

Thus, with bold ideas and strong messages, we repeatedly combine creativity with social commitment and make the projects as well as the people behind STELP visible.

The steadily growing number of strong sponsors and supporters from business and society, such as Porsche or Aldi, shows that this commitment is worthwhile. And in the meantime even the politicians around Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Cem Özdemir are taking notice.

Von Helden und Gestalten says thank you.

Thank you STELP for your commitment! We look forward to supporting this and your values with all our creative power in the future.

And thank you also to our strong team, which stands up for the good cause with so much passion and power 🦾💙.

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