KED – the new love­brand in the urban life­style sector

How the traditional brand reaches the young target group
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KED, a manufacturer of bicycle helmets, wants to position itself in the future as modern, urban and a brand popular with the younger audience. To this end, the company has developed a comprehensive marketing strategy and a new brand story. DHG Knauer GmbH, also known as KED, has been manufacturing bicycle helmets and helmet systems for 37 years. The company is based in Freiberg am Neckar. In its factory, the family business employs around 120 people and, according to its own information, is the only helmet producer that designs and manufactures exclusively in Germany.

Love Brand in Urban Lifestyle

Recently, the company has rejuvenated and realigned itself. A modernisation of the brand image is now to follow. KED announced that it will position itself as a "Love Brand in Urban Lifestyle". In this way, the company wants to increase its brand awareness and tap into new, especially younger target groups.

The Stuttgart agency VON HELDEN UND GESTALTEN was brought on board for the new marketing strategy. This strategy focuses on the topics of urbanity and trends in the cycling industry, which should fit the new brand story. For the branding, KED has created a new claim together with its marketing agency and revised the corporate design; a relaunch of the website is also planned. Any communication materials related to the brand for marketing and sales will also be adapted.

KED wants to push sales via digital channels and is currently working on a stringent digital strategy that also includes a web shop. In this way, the company wants to build a stronger customer centricity. According to the company, KED will expand the digital direct sale, as the company's target groups are increasingly migrating to the virtual space, informing themselves and shopping there and expecting the shops to "function smoothly".

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