Von Helden und Gestalten are founding their own AI start-up

The dawn of a new era
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Artificial intelligence has arrived in marketing, where it is helping to transform processes. The Stuttgart-based creative agency Von Helden und Gestalten has now founded its own start-up under the name Tido to respond to increasing customer requests in the field of AI.

New AI startup TIDO

Tido - this is the name of the newly founded company with which Von Helden und Gestalten intends to bundle its expertise on the subject of artificial intelligence in one company in the future. The name is an abbreviation and stands for "Today is day one". According to the Stuttgart-based creatives, the name is intended to symbolize the "dawn of a new era"

The interdisciplinary team, which consists of designers, strategists and developers, will immediately develop customized solutions for customers to accelerate their digital transformation. It will draw on both existing AI technologies such as ChatGPT, Midjourney and Co, which will be integrated into customers' processes, and its own AI software. In addition, Tido will also offer training and consulting services on the topic of artificial intelligence in the future to familiarize users with the use of AI tools.

"Our goal is to push the boundaries of artificial intelligence and develop viable solutions that help our customers achieve new goals"

Mirco Wüstholz
Founder and CEO of the agency Von Helden und Gestalten

According to a statement by the agency, a number of customer projects have already been successfully implemented in this area: These include the development of a custom prompt library for handling ChatGPT, the creation of a KITranscription tool for podcasts, and the implementation of a chatbot for automated processing of PDF documents. "Our goal is to push the limits of Artificial Intelligence and develop usable solutions that help our customers achieve new goals," says Mirco Wüstholz, founder and CEO of the agency Von Helden und Gestalten, explaining the idea behind the project. "To remain competitive in the long term, companies and agencies need to be aware of the opportunities AI offers and use them wherever it makes sense." Co-founder Verena Mayer, meanwhile, is convinced of the "disruptive power" of artificial intelligence: "It is capable of opening up new avenues of marketing and product development. With Tido, we want to help our customers harness the possibilities of AI and exploit its full potential."

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