We set things in motion

We capture big dreams, are up close and personal with people. We feel what moves others, we sympathise with them. Motivate, inspire and touch. No matter what format. Not only image films, animations or commercials should entertain. Explainer films and reports also have a right to entertainment value.

Our offer

Motion concept

We capture big dreams, are up close and personal with people. We feel what moves others, we sympathise with them. Motivate, inspire and touch. No matter what format. Our image films, explainer films, animations or commercials manage the balancing act between entertainment and information. From the idea to the production to the finished film. In-house or with partners. Editing, directing and camerawork are as much a part of the process as the customised preparation of images for various channels. Doesn't sound good enough yet? Then our in-house character and sound design is guaranteed to hit the right note.

Explanation film

Communicating complex content in a comprehensible way in a short time is not always easy, we know that. Nevertheless, all information should be remembered for as long as possible through a sympathetic narrative. And best of all, individually. We don't just make complex information understandable, we tell its story. That's why an explainer film is real handiwork for us - from the scribbled look&feel on paper to the elaborate illustration world on the iPad to the After Effects animation. We design explanatory films for you, your brand and your goals.

Product film

We set the stage perfectly for your product. We introduce it to the market with powerful images, stage it at a trade fair or promote its sale online and offline. We make it come alive and bring movement into play. In 2D, 3D or in a mix. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Corporate video

With an corporate movie, we emotionalise your brand and tell your story. We produce your audiovisual business card in a credible and authentic way, reflecting the inner values of your company.


We create stories that are remembered: With a creative approach to ideas, emotional storytelling and professional animation, we bring brand and product to life.

Reports & Interviews

We want to get really close to companies and people. With our experienced team, we capture real and not fake images, situations and perspectives. The brand message is subtly conveyed and we arouse positive feelings and sympathy.

Character Design

We develop digital characters. We illustrate, design, model your character and make it move. Characters can be used everywhere: in explanatory films, in youth marketing or simply to represent your brand in a likeable and emotional way.

Animated films (2D & 3D)

Animations can be used to better convey any content: topics that need explaining, technical contexts, brand, recruitment and products. We develop exactly the right format based on your goals. Always with the latest visual trends and mechanics, smart and agile in implementation.

Film production

With our well-established production team, we produce from a single source. We realise many things with our own camera and lighting technology. From a small interview to a large campaign production lasting several days. We create a detailed concept including storyboard, location and model scouting, shooting schedule and shot lists. Our producers keep an eye on everything before and during the shoot so that the director and camera can focus on the image. Afterwards, post production, sound design and colour grading complete the project perfectly.

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