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The internationally leading industrial services provider Bilfinger wants to expand its digital competence even further. For this purpose, a separate corporate start-up was founded with "Bilfinger Digital Next". In a multi-stage strategy process, we developed a brand with a high degree of independence and clear positioning. At the same time, we ensured recognition of the parent company's corporate design. The result is a communication that is characterised by digital vitality from the website to the employer branding.


Industry, Start-up

Our Role

  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaigning
  • Corporate Design
  • Film & Animation
  • Leads & Sales
  • Social Media
  • Storytelling & Content
  • Web & Mobile Solutions

Welcome to digitalisation

With the new website for BILFINGER DIGITAL NEXT, we are opening up a whole new field at Bilfinger: the path to digitalisation. We present the new company and its products, which involve the digital transformation of work processes from the process industry. And thus not only signify a unique selling point for BILFINGER DIGITAL NEXT, but also respond to the strong demand.

BCAP® - the digital solution for the process industry

Lower costs, more effective industrial plants. With the digital solution BCAP® from BILFINGER DIGITAL NEXT, companies can make their maintenance and operating processes more transparent and intelligent. This is virtually revolutionary. We have made this complex process simple and understandable. And shown the advantages of BCAP® in an explanatory video.


We have developed a modern and flexible design language. Due to the progression, they not only have a high recognition value, but can also be used across all media and are a perfect fit for BILFINGER DIGITAL NEXT.


We also focus on digitality and modernity in the colours. The special feature: We generated the gradient from Bilfinger's main colours blue and green, while the remaining colours correspond to Bilfinger's corporate identity.

Bilfinger Blau

  • R 0
  • G 138
  • B 217


Bilfinger Grün

  • R 201
  • G 210
  • B 0


Cool Grey dark

  • R 117
  • G 117
  • B 117


Cool Grey light

  • R 236
  • G 236
  • B 236


Industrial Tube

Expert knowledge is crucial for every company. With the Industrial Tube video platform from BILFINGER DIGITAL NEXT, this knowledge can be shared within the company by video. And it can be done easily, quickly, worldwide and without language barriers. Just with the corresponding app and a smartphone or data glasses. For Industrial Tube, we designed the logo and an illustrated application film that has never been seen before in this form at Bilfinger.

Connecting images

We also gave employer branding a facelift. So that not only knowledge and information are provided, but also the contact to the employer brand is created.

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