Youth campaign for strong characters



How do you reach a young target group and interest them in an apprenticeship or dual study programme at EnBW? By taking them seriously, responding to their needs and offering them something. That's why VON HELDEN UND GESTALTEN developed a campaign that focuses on personal and professional advantages and highlights the EnBW-specific USPs for the target group. We addressed them where they feel at home: on digital channels. In this way, we show self-confident young people what advantages EnBW has in store for them.



Our Role

  • Campaigning
  • Employer Branding
  • Social Media

The direct way

The main focus of our campaign is social media, primarily Instagram. Short and crisp, eye-catching. In two sentences we arouse curiosity and refer directly to the homepage - long job descriptions do not belong in any feed.

Draw the world as she likes it

For our images, we have used the corporate colours on a large scale and supplemented them with small illustrations. Through this doodle level, we can visually support what the different job advertisements offer. Part of each visual: the work-life balance. Because the target group works to live, not the other way around.

Pen & Paper

The illustrated doodles are reminiscent of drawings from notebooks. Handmade and selfmade in picture form, so to speak. With these quasi-icons, we show the diversity of the EnBW world.


With our campaign, we set the corporate colours to the maximum. Because EnBW's energy should also stand out clearly on the visuals. And to showcase the photo models even better.

The face of the future

We didn't just take pictures of any models for our motifs. All of the pictures feature EnBW trainees and students. They represent the future of EnBW. And they are role models for the next generation of young people.

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