Video installation for the CES



For the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), BOSE and Mazda were looking for a way to bring the new BassMatch sound system to life in the room. The event installation developed by our agency combines technology, space and sound to create an all-round experience. We implemented the whole thing in a kind of tunnel in which several interconnected screens create a special experience. This not only presents the sound system, but also takes a look at the mobility trends of the future: autonomous driving, electrification, connectivity and sharing.



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Everything is connected

The special feature of our set-up is 3D animations that were distributed across eight screens. With simple geometric shapes and movements that transcend the individual screens, we reduced complex themes to a visual minimum in order to achieve maximum impact via the space, its sound and the staging. The space was divided into two, symbolising the separate yet interacting hemispheres of the brain.

Less is more

With the principle of "Keep it simple", we focused on a visual minimum for the staging of the various themes. The geometric shapes tell and support the story visually. The arrangement and connection of these elements creates simple images that convey what is at stake in an abstract but comprehensible way.


The movement and arrangement of cubes and circles is enough to create images that we associate with reality. Our concept captivates through its simple conciseness and the movement of the elements.

„The tunnel was so cool. I was blown away!“

John Moloney
Head of Global Sales, Marketing & Brand Management at Bose Corporation - Automotive Division

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