The future is up to us

Brand Relaunch of the Landeskampagne Start-up BW and trade fair design of the Start-up BW Summit


We designed a complete brand relaunch fo the Landeskampagne Start-up BW des Wirtschaftsministeriums Baden-Württemberg: From a new concept with a uniform look and feel, to the support and design of the Start-up BW Night, to the event website, social media support and extensive trade fair measures for the Start-up BW Summit 2022 - the event highlight of the year for all founders in the country. Now not only is Start-up BW fit for the future - we are too.

Our Role

  • Advertising
  • Brand Identity
  • Film & Animation
  • Messe-Design
  • Planning
  • Social Media
  • Web & Mobile Solutions
  • Website

The only way is: UP

You cant get around this look: With high-contrast colors and large typography, we are directly linking the new Start-up BW design to the THE LÄND campaign, with which there are also direct links in terms of content. Graphic arrows, crosses and circles as striking and animated eye-catchers complement the key visual of the Start-up BW Summit.

Brave Colors


  • R 255
  • G 255
  • B 255



  • R 0
  • G 0
  • B 0



  • R 150
  • G 150
  • B 150


The Länd Yellow

  • R 255
  • G 252
  • B 0


Content in motion

Activating and animation-rich content that leads followers directly to the Summit landing page with a new look - that was our recipe for success for Start-up BW's online presence. Over 20,000 clicks led to the website with extensive information bout the event, speakers and participating companies. The trade fair design - from the welcome area to hall plans and merchandise - was also completely "made by VHUG".

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