New development of an umbrella brand



Daimler wanted to realign its communication on the topic of social engagement. We developed a new umbrella brand, a new claim and a new look. The result was fleshed out in joint workshops. Our new look guarantees that the new umbrella brand captures the company's entire global commitment in the area of corporate citizenship.


Social Responsibility

Our Role

  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaigning
  • Corporate Design
  • Film & Animation
  • Storytelling & Content

Do what moves

The new claim makes it clear what the brand does, what it stands for and what drives it. At the same time, it is open to the various forms of engagement worldwide.

Signs of commitment

The new icon world is also a visual flagship for dedicated services and contributions from the Daimler company. Reduced to the essentials, they show which areas the new umbrella brand is committed to.

Company colours

Of course, the colours have also been adapted to the umbrella brand. The strong and calm petrol combines green and blue components that convey life and nature as well as tranquillity and confidence.


  • R 0
  • G 103
  • B 127


Petrol +20k

  • R 80
  • G 151
  • B 171



  • R 0
  • G 0
  • B 0



  • R 255
  • G 255
  • B 255


Supporting patterns

Visually, the motifs are supported by various patterns in the background. Simple shapes create lively and connecting elements.

Digital insights into responsibility

The new appearance of the umbrella brand is accompanied by a matching website, which serves as an anchor for all digital channels and conveys information on the motivation and claim of Daimler Corporate Citizenship.

Sharing is Caring

To ensure that the various topics, initiatives and projects can also be placed in a way that attracts attention, we have also designed accompanying articles. Because only those who are visible can be a good example for others.

With attention to detail

An important tool is the new style guide, in which we bundle what distinguishes the new umbrella brand, how it appears and communicates. For all channels and forms of communication.

More than just image

The new image ads clearly convey what is behind the WE CARE WE DO WE MOVE initiative. Namely, a global mission in the name of the common good.

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