Repositioning of a traditional brand



The Stuttgart jeweller E. Kutter was looking for a new image and wanted to position itself more clearly. In a joint branding process, we used our Brandrocket to fine-tune the brand. The result is a new name that confidently focuses on tradition and quality. To achieve this, we translated the values and vision of the brand into a corporate design that combines tradition and modernity. And from this we created a clear and independent communicative appearance.



Our Role

  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaigning
  • Corporate Design
  • Leads & Sales
  • Social Media
  • Storytelling & Content
  • Web & Mobile Solutions

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A part of Kutter

The emotional stories behind each piece of jewellery are the communicative vehicle and are played out and staged in a big way on the website. With messages that address the feelings and not the status. In combination with the design we developed, a digital portal into the Kutter brand has been created that invites you to discover it.

A detail from Kutter

The new image world and the corporate design were also conceived and created for mobile use from the very beginning. So that a web experience of the highest quality is also created on the move - in keeping with Kutter's products.

An image world for Kutter

We have also paid special attention to the imagery. The black and white images come alive with a little bit of movement. They are given a unique effect by graphic elements and the special colour world. And fill the brand world with life.

A decorative element from Kutter

A highlight developed by us: the jewellery element. It combines watches and jewellery as a distinctive feature and brand image of Kutter 1825. Reduced and focused.

A world of colour from Kutter

No detail has been left to chance. Even the colours have been chosen to perfectly capture the Kutter brand. The three colours complement each other harmoniously and stand for quality, warmth and timelessness.


  • R 255
  • G 184
  • B 135



  • R 67
  • G 46
  • B 47



  • R 230
  • G 151
  • B 120


A script for Kutter

To ensure that Kutter's stories are also easy to read, we have chosen two special fonts for the typography. These are beautifully legible both analogue and digital and captivate with their simple elegance.

A performance by Kutter

All design elements and the newly developed brand communication flow into accompanying measures, the entire business equipment and the POS. This creates a well-rounded brand presence.

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