Pioneering Spirit Reloaded



As part of the Leadership 2020 initiative, the pioneering spirit at Daimler is once again being put right at the forefront. With the "Back to the Garage" campaign, we are showing that the future begins with courage.



Our Role

  • Transformation & Internal Communication

Strategy: Back to the Garage. Welcome to the future. At the centre is a new ideas platform. Here, every DAIMLER employee can become an idea generator. With our interactive microsite, we guide them through our garage of the future - a world developed in full 3D. Here, the idea generator experiences the entire idea process: ideation, voting, crowdfunding, Shark Tank, incubation... New incubators are just waiting to implement big ideas within the shortest possible time. We accompany them in the process.

RESULT: WELCOME TO THE FUTURE. The new process and the interactive future world take everyone with them. The idea generators and innovators, just like their mentors and all colleagues who come into question as potential supporters. The platform ensures transparency and answers the most important questions about the process. This gives everyone involved an appetite for and on new ideas. For the future of DAIMLER.

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