International image campaign



KUKA Roboter is launching a new generation of products. How do we show what power, strength, range and scope of performance they have? With a focused, internationally oriented image campaign! Concentrating on the essentials, we create a special product experience in 3D films. And not just once, but as standard for every new product.



Our Role

  • Campaigning
  • Film & Animation
  • Leads & Sales

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Robots on the move

We show the fascination of the robot in moving images. Product films realised completely in 3D really put the new robots in the limelight. The goal: to simulate the later use of the robot as realistically as possible.

Three dimensions for KUKA

A 3D world of its own is created for KUKA robots. With a digital logo presentation as an intro. Powerful animations and fascinating images show the complete range of the new robots, all in full 3D. Interested parties can thus convince themselves of the new performance at an early stage.

Expression for excellence

We have also staged the new product world of KUKA in an exciting way for the print area. By comparing the incomparable new products with other things. The result not only feels good in the hand, it also goes hand in hand with the overall appearance.

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