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Frankfurt-Fredenhagen, May 2017. 1,200 Daimler employees from all over the world have come to the "Leadership Summit" for four intensive days. In collaboration with the event agency [mu:d], VON HELDEN UND GESTALTEN has put together an extraordinary event concept for the summit.

Four days full of networking, learning, co-creation and sharing, all designed to activate and captivate the attendees. 1,200 colleagues will become multipliers and enthusiastic ambassadors for the "CHANGE THE GAME" initiative.



Our Role

  • Brand Strategy
  • Transformation & Internal Communication

Change Sneakers


INTO CHANGE "Get your Change-Sneaker and step into change". A configurator for our Change-Sneaker was part of the invitation process. Each of the attendees was able to configure their Change-Sneaker prior to the summit, kick-starting their own personal "change experience". The result: a strong and unique symbol for #stepintochange. And an image to post, share and like, a thousand times over. Yeah, we like!

Sharing is key. Eight strong teams present their "game changers", which contribute to the new leadership culture at Daimler. For four days, attendees receive a highly intensive information update, with eight daily information sessions of 30 minutes per "game changer". Inspiring. Informative. Interactive. Always different. Lame powerpoint presentations? No way. With our films, animations and individually-crafted keynotes, each Game Changer show a new way forward. And our support extends to the overall session design. Simply "wow".


The result: a thousand new multipliers


The attendees proudly shared bold messages across all channels. But that's not all: every single one of them learned a lot about the cultural change at Daimler and experienced it directly for themselves. And they took these impressions back to all their colleagues worldwide, along with a lot of positive energy. By attending the summit, these employees became new ambassadors for Leadership 2020 - a total success.


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