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New approaches in employer branding form the basis for one of the largest recruiting campaigns in the history of Mercedes-AMG. The main goal of the Mercedes-Benz subsidiary is to raise its profile in the market as a separate independent employer and to find suitable employees for their exciting future innovations. In order to attract precisely those applicants who will shape AMG's future performance with their own personal spirit, VON HELDEN UND GESTALTEN is supporting the employer brand with a clear brand story, tangible brand values, a new image world, new moving image formats and networked storytelling for social media.



Our Role

  • Campaigning
  • Content Creation
  • Employer Branding
  • Film & Animation
  • Social Media
  • Web & Mobile Solutions

Authentic "spirit-telling"

We convey the strengths of AMG's employer brand through strong personalities typical of the company’s employees. Real people with rough edges who, with their very personal stories, paint an inspiring picture of a dynamic workplace with exciting future innovations and a unique team spirit.

Social Media

Enthusiasm that's inspiring and captivating. Changing perspective from the company's point of view to the personal view of the employees and applicants is a central component of the communication strategy. VON HELDEN UND GESTALTEN is supplying the media campaign with appropriate image ads and special cut-down edits of the individual I-AM-G stories.

New visual imagery

The new campaign is especially persuasive due to its clear messages and its modern and confident imagery. An identification with AMG is related to very personal goals and strengths.

Career portal

The new employer brand experience begins online with a new user experience. Through a website redesign, the AMG spirit is immediately made tangible. The career portal's user guidance was simultaneously redesigned so that interested applicants can find their desired content more quickly, with the right mix of information and inspiration.

Employees and future innovations in focus

It’s not only in the brand film that we rely on authentic ambassadors of the AMG mindset. In the accompanying interview series we provide insights into everyday work life at AMG. We also highlight future developments that the company is working on - from new work environments to the electrification of the portfolio to the shaping of a new company structure.

From first contact to the final job offer template

The new employer brand is present throughout the entire candidate journey. From new templates or slides for the employer brand Powerpoint, to the redesign of the offer template for new employees, VON HELDEN UND GESTALTEN is supporting the new holistic appearance of the AMG employer brand.

Behind the scenes

An employer brand film shoot in the midst of the Corona pandemic posed new challenges for everyone involved. The film shoot, which was planned, supervised and executed by VON HELDEN UND GESTALTEN, shows that it is possible to make personal closeness palpable even in times of social distancing.

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