Visionary urban development in the region



As part of the IBA 2027, a very special residential quarter is being created in the municipality of Kernen. Known as Hangweide, the area will connect two districts in the future with its open concept. It also stands for a project of the century that brings people together and will be an international role model with its sustainable approach to energy, mobility and living together. We have developed the complete brand identity for this forward-looking quarter and are supervising the communication on an ongoing basis.


Public Institutions

Our Role

  • Brand Strategy
  • Corporate Design
  • Storytelling & Content
  • Web & Mobile Solutions

A digital feast for the eyes

The website plays a very special role for Hangweide. It bundles all information and is regularly updated with decisions, drafts and construction sites. Interactive communication possibilities and an exchange between citizens and planners also take place regularly, which our website also accompanies and supports.

Logical use of space

The area of the site is our basis for the Hangweide logo. In addition to the main logo, we have developed further sub-logos for seven thematic areas. They are all based on the same area, but each has its own distinctive look.

Convincing all along the line

The associated icon world supplements the logos with clearly recognisable symbols and is the basis for many other possible uses such as wayfinding systems.

Simply legible

The typography captivates with clear lines and a modern appearance and is a timeless typeface. With a lot of flexibility and an unagitated form, it fits perfectly with the character of Hangweide.

Vibrant colour world

Hangweide stands for innovative living, working and lifestyle environments. To do justice to this lively appearance, we have defined several colours and colour gradients that are used in the brand appearance.


  • R 255
  • G 255
  • B 255


Gradient A

  • R 18
  • G 85
  • B 82


Gradient B

  • R 18
  • G 210
  • B 210


Gradient C

  • R 125
  • G 112
  • B 212


Gradient D

  • R 255
  • G 180
  • B 165


Gradient E

  • R 18
  • G 88
  • B 210


Gradient F

  • R 255
  • G 219
  • B 123


Gradient G

  • R 133
  • G 194
  • B 245


Gradient H

  • R 76
  • G 64
  • B 60


Gradient I

  • R 0
  • G 0
  • B 0


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