Anniversary campaign including brand sharpening



For its 33rd anniversary and the first establishment of a pro optik branch, the company was looking for an agency to develop an attention-grabbing anniversary campaign based on the motto "We love you". In addition to the complete communication, we defined the imagery and revised the design. In the end, the result was a uniform, stringently implemented appearance that attracted many glances during the anniversary period and further developed the corporate design.

Declaration of love to the customers

In order to promote the anniversary campaign on a large scale, we designed a newspaper insert that communicates the pro optik declaration of love to all customers. To do this, we focus on emotion and tidy design to emphasise the quality of pro optik.

Attention to detail

The design elements we developed, the imagery and a headline mechanic that emphasises appreciation ensure a clear brand presence.

Worth a look

The City Light posters in the vicinity of the branches attract even more attention and make the new emotional communication clearly visible.

A love logo

The anniversary logo combines several elements into a memorable figurative mark. And clearly conveys: For 33 years, we have put our heart and soul into eyewear.

Crystal clear messages

The shop windows were branded by us with simple elements and also bring the new look and appearance to all pro optik branches.

Insights for on the move

The anniversary campaign is also accompanied by social media posts that attract attention on the road with special images.

Declaration of love to wear

To ensure that the employees are dressed appropriately, we have also designed the team wear. This way, the anniversary campaign is visible in print, on digital channels, on the street, in front of the branches and in the branches.

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