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The automotive industry is driving the transformation of society at various levels and preparing itself for the future. For Daimler, this means not only developing new products, but also creating a new self-image - moving away from being a car manufacturer to becoming a mobility services provider. As part of our brand work for Daimler, we have developed a concept to accompany this change that works internationally, featuring special imagery that puts people at the centre.



Our Role

  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaigning
  • Storytelling & Content

Giving the customer a voice

Our motifs put the focus on people and on their questions about the future. We show that Daimler is not only listening to them, but also has the answers ready. This campaign, which is unusual for Daimler, makes the brand more approachable. And demonstrates that the company already has more to offer than just cars.

Smart Region

In the future, mobility will no longer be a separate  issue, but integrated into urban planning. Our collage deliberately highlights this holistic approach. It points the way toward the "smart city" by incorporating concepts for both the cities and vehicles of the future.

Future mobility

Mobility is also undergoing many changes - and discovering new possibilities. For the issue of individual mobility, we have created a motif that focuses on all the potential options. From electric to autonomous, Daimler is involved in all future mobility solutions.


Daimler is not only concerned with mobility solutions for tomorrow. The group also actively supports social projects all over the world, so they can make a difference even in places where opportunities may be limited.

A range of models

Daimler's diversity is often underrated. But in fact, the company offers a broad range of products across all mobility solutions, beyond just Mercedes-Benz. We demonstrate this in our motif with a vehicle selection ranging from 2-seater cars to 40-ton trucks. And we make it clear: no matter what your needs and desires, Daimler has something for everyone.

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