Digitalization in the SME sector



GEZE, the manufacturer of door, window and safety technology, is the first provider to develop digital networking of building automation with GEZE Cockpit, making them the innovation leader in their branch. We initiated a bold international campaign to accompny this mindset shift. We are no longer positioning GEZE purely as a hardware provider, but also as a digital solutions provider. The campaign focuses on a digital customer journey and engaging sales support for the sales team, including training programs.



Our Role

  • Brand Strategy
  • Campaigning
  • Corporate Design
  • Film & Animation
  • Leads & Sales
  • Storytelling & Content
  • Web & Mobile Solutions

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Too smart to be a door

For GEZE Cockpit, the first smart security and control system for doors and windows, we created a whole new website to illustrate what this smart building innovation can do. The site has a linear structure and focuses on a visual experience of the product.

A shining example

The icons and line graphics form the basis for all our animations and support the visualization of GEZE Cockpit. The luminous lines highlight the information attractively against the dark background.

With Power to the Point

We explain the new product using a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation. In it, we get to the heart of what GEZE Cockpit does, how it works and what possibilities it offers to customers. We also present this information in a creative broschure format.

Not too good for goodies

The campaign is also accompanied by supporting promotional items such as T-shirts, bags and smart food products.

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