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Social media, SEO, Google Ads - the digital world is spinning faster and faster. This makes it all the more important to tailor your own digital presence perfectly to your customers. That's why we are committed to your online presence.

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Social media strategy (B2B, B2C)

No company can imagine marketing without social media. Even for companies from the B2B or B2C sector. But where should brands and companies start in social media marketing? What are the social media goals? How do companies interact confidently with their target group? Can I find an influencer who fits my product? These are the questions we answer in the social media strategy to get a long-term direction for communication.

Online marketing

SEA, SEO, social media advertising, email marketing. A strong brand can generate leads and fans on the web. We create multi-level campaigns to achieve more brand awareness and sales. In doing so, we play to our creative strengths in display advertising and video advertising.

Social media management

From building your own channels to editorial planning and content creation. We master the entire spectrum and understand brand work and follower building for companies in all social media channels (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.).

Community development & expansion

The community is king. With emotional stories, regular contributions and targeted added value, we create a close bond with your community. With interaction, we stimulate the community's communication and thus promote your reach. We underpin this with targeted promoted posts. And you can always rely on our community management - even when things get difficult.

Digital distribution and sales strategy

The purchasing decision processes in almost all industries are shifting to the digital world. With a digital sales strategy, we decisively advance the digital transformation of your company with fully automated sales processes and customer relationship management, but also with the use of online communication channels.

Monitoring, reporting

We want your projects to remain successful in the long term and to continue to develop. After the campaign is before the project. No matter what questions you have - technical, content-related or strategic - as a digital agency we are also there to advise you. Together we define which content is important for reporting, for you or your management and prepare it accordingly. Comprehensible, simple and to the point. No data hogs, no standard. But quite simply personal reports that you can also understand.


Keywords, links, backlinks and content must all harmonise with each other so that the content on your website performs optimally. Search engine optimisation (SEO) takes time and involves an investment. It is therefore all the more important to rely on the right strategy so that the organic ranking later leads to the desired success. With search engine advertising (SEA), you always reach the right target group and also benefit from the large reach. The advantage: You quickly achieve impressive results.

Email marketing

We address your target group directly with personalised and well thought-out newsletter campaigns. Together we develop (event-related) content that interests your target group, distribute it to the right people and thus further bind them to your company.

Display & Programmatic Advertising

We fully exploit your customer potential. With precise targeting, differentiated addressing of the target group and re-targeting. In addition, there is efficient programmatic advertising to play the digital advertising spaces cost-effectively and sensibly.

Our offer

What are the best ways to reach my target groups online? Which steps are important and correct on these paths? And how do I know which social media channels and digital measures really suit my brand? We support your brand with digital solutions - whether in the area of social media or online marketing measures.


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