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For us, digital solutions and processes are there to strengthen the connection between brands and people. And this is united in an exciting digital experience.

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Digital strategy

Current digital challenges are the order of the day in a digital agency. And we want it that way too. How can we market products and services most effectively digitally? Which social media channels does our target group use and with which content do we address them? How do we create a meaningful digital customer journey? How can we sell more products? We ask the right questions. And have the right answers. Always with the aim of creating a holistic digital strategy and maintaining a consistent brand experience.

Web conception

Our claim is anything but standard. We want a first-class user experience. No matter on which device and for which format. For mobile solutions, web specials or websites, we always get the best out of usability, performance and viewability. That's why we combine our design know-how with our experience in the field of user experience right from the start of the project. Together with product management, executive management and marketing, we develop the right strategy for your goals on the web.

UX/UI Design

Design for digital devices is in our DNA. Our claim is to perfect form and function for every display size. As a creative agency, our claim is to develop an extraordinary and detailed style for every brand. But we are not only a creative sparring partner, we are also a digital agency. And that's why it's also important to us that the user experiences the best possible and holistic user experience with you. And for us, this also includes a well thought-out guide through your site.

Creative Web-Development

We are no ordinary digital agency. We see the web as more than just a homepage. For us, it's about more. We create experiences for your customers. That's why the websites we develop are not off-the-shelf. On the contrary: from us you get bold design, scrolling effects, animations or motion concepts. That's it. The WOW effect that makes your site different from others.

Corporate websites, landing pages, customer portals

Digital channels are the most important factors in achieving corporate goals and a positive and consistent brand experience. The basic UX principles for optimal usability can be applied to all digital areas. They transform individual landing pages or microsites, corporate websites as well as customer portals or e-commerce shops into the desired lever for achieving goals. When it comes to implementation, we prefer to work with Contao (and are happy to show you why). However, other content management systems such as TYPO3, Wordpress or Grav are no problem for us. What counts is which CMS best suits you and your requirements.

Online shop and configurations

Online shops reach your customers without detours - in B2B as well as in B2C. We develop shop solutions for the sale of services and products and aim above all to increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. More speed and efficiency meet an internationalisation of the offer. With conception, design and development, we realise online shops that turn users into enthusiastic customers.

Mobile Solutions/App

In addition to the mobile use of a platform that follows the mobile-first approach, in certain cases an app can also be the appropriate option to fulfil the objectives. Native or progressive web app: we master both areas. The advantages of an own app do not only support your sales team. You bind your customers more closely to you and achieve stronger sales.

Hosting, service and support

Designed for an ideal server structure, we define your personal hosting package before go-live. Everything is hosted on our own, data-secure servers. In addition, we offer you regular and independent website support with many service components such as CMS updates, pagespeed and security checks, checks of the statistics accounts (Google Analytics, Matomo, etc.).

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